Website Development

Our development process coupled with impeccable project organisation ensures your website is built to the very latest web standards. We ensure your site is accessible on the latest browsers and is responsive across your audiences favourite devices.  



Each project is assigned a customer account manager that keeps you informed and up to date on your project’s development, stage by stage.


A timeline of key dates that we will work towards are provided and assigned to each development project.


Super-Fast Servers

We serve all our websites on secure, super-fast SSD servers ensuring your page load times are low and user speeds are delivered optimally .

Optimised Imagery

Our Studio’s optimisation of web imagery keeps the file size of each web page manageable and ensures high, efficient page load speeds.

Website Speed

We use the all the latest web techniques to build your website with page speed at the forefront of each online project. Talk to our experts about web performance.


Responsive Design

As well as quality control, each website produced by the Project8ball Studio is thoroughly tested on desktop, mobile & tablet before launch.

Browser Compatibility

Browser Testing ensures your new website is tested & qualified for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and Windows Edge (other specialist Browsers are available on request.)


Daily Website Back Ups

Our Website Maintenance program provides your website with a daily back up ensuring your files are compliant with any disaster recovery directives.

Emergency Support Team

We have an emergency 8Ball Web support team on stand-by in the case of any immediate needs & requirements, we can respond quickly and effectively to any online challenges.

Website Updates

Our experienced web team handles all your website and server updates, meaning you don’t need to worry about downtime or outage with a Project8Ball website maintenance program.