Website Design

Our design process takes your brand through a detailed user journey which explores in-depth competitor analysis, on-trend web stylisation & the latest know how in responsive website bootstrapping.

User Journey

User Experience

Effective User Experiences are at the core of all good Websites. We work with clients to develop solid UX architectures, intuitive taxonomies and logical user journeys. We use our in depth knowledge and expertise to help make your web visitors user experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

User Interface

Coupled with an effective user journey, an engaging User Interface increases audience involvement, optimises consumer behavior and creates a strong link between your customers and your Website. Simple, intuitive web designs allow your users & audience to interact with your company with as little friction as possible, increasing engagement.

Competitor Analysis

By investigating what’s out there already we can ensure your website competes and can be established to outperform any targeted competitors.

Engaging Design

An engaging, modern, clean website design helps communicate and promote your online message, talk to our team about your project needs.

Responsive Design

Desktop Friendly

All websites that our Studio deliver are mobile, desktop & tablet ready – ensuring your online presence is highly responsive on all devices.

Mobile Friendly

Each Project8ball website is designed to be responsive on mobile & tablet, the ability to introduce custom mobile & tablet design variations can also be explored on your project.

Design Process

Designed By Designer

All our websites are designed to highest industry standard using our talented in-house web design specialists. Take advantage of our expert understanding of modern on-trend design & web techniques.

Design Guideline Document

With our Studio’s Web design process, we storyboard your website pages and provide rich design documents enabling your team to review the project before it moves into its development stage. This approach allows you to be as little or heavily involved in the design stage of the project.

Website Design Assets

Our website design team can help provide favicon identity, blog layouts, unique web graphics, leading stock photography & a range of web media options.