Web AR

Equip your brand with the very latest installment in immersive AR, no App required – Augmented Reality experiences deployed directly via your web browser! 


No App

Our Web AR experiences are hosted online meaning your audience, the user, simply clicks a web link on their favourite browsers and no longer need to download any app or third party software. AR on the go!


Our full Web AR suite is compatible on the Wolrd’s most popular mobile browsers – Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera & Edge. Our leading solution can be adapted to fit different marketing & geo-activations around the globe.



The Project8ball Web AR solution is compatible with iPhone 6S onwards, all iPad Pros and the latest iPads are enabled to enjoy rich Web AR experiences too. Our iOS ready Web AR platform ensures Apple device users across the globe can explore & enjoy rich, immersive Web AR experiences.


The Project8ball Web AR solution is compatible with the Most Android Devices available over the last 4 years, opening the door for campaigns to promote a branded activation which critically ensures usability and enjoyment across the hugely popular Google-driven Android mobile & tablet ranges.


3D Animation

Our Modelling Team are experts in Web AR model formatting, ensuring your 3D experience looks fantastic and works optimally within the constraints of the lesser enabled browser-based Augmented Reality domain.


Our Studio’s rich heritage in Augmented Reality coupled with our expertise with Website Development ensure our Studio remain a leading Web AR option.


We get to know your brand, learn your audience demographic enabling us to understand how you intend to use Web AR to engage users. Our experience in live Web AR activations & creative 3D animating ensures your campaign’s AR wow-factor remains highly premium, yet relevant to your audience.


All 3D experiences are first detailed via a design-led storyboarding exercise,  ensuring a solid understanding of the concept, we then explore different creative options and can adapt any Web AR experiences to accommodate your brand guidelines & aesthetic.



Our Big Project experience ensures your project remains in safe hands all the way throughout the development process and continues into activation & live campaign phases.


Our passion for emerging technology coupled with our expertise in live Web Hosting enables your Web AR experiences to be hosted, maintained & served efficiently & super-fast across your audiences favourite smart devices.