Trusted by leading businesses, we take online security very seriously. Our detailed security protocols keep your data safe and your systems fully protected. We create a unique Disaster Recovery programme for every client and we ensure your files are always preserved with a weekly back up. 


Personal Data

Part of our teams commitment to security protocol, we can advise your business on what personal data it needs to store and the security measures that must be taken to keep your data safe online & offline.

Generic Data

Our developers have experience in managing & securely storing data, our team can consult on what data you should store and how long to keep the data for, helping keep your business compliant.


Websites & Apps

Each Project8ball hosting package comes complete with a critical security update schedule as standard, our experience in managing and maintaining different sized & shaped systems ensure we can help you with a security package that matches its needs.


Server updates remain an integral part of any security protocol program, our Web maintenance & App maintenance schedules ensure a level of service that protects your users and delivers a secure serving solution, keeping your files secure & your business legally compliant.

Disaster Recovery

Unique Program

A unique disaster recovery program is arranged for each Project8ball deliverable, this fail safe is engineered to safely back up & keeps your files organised in storage in case of any unscripted emergencies or unforeseen 3rd party requests.

Daily Back Ups

Every web & app database project and their individual files are backed up daily as part of our security program ensuring your web data is never lost, and digitally twinned via our sophisticated backup process.

Data Management

Any breach in data or unauthorised web & app actions are taken with the strictest seriousness. Our experience in managing data coupled with our  own studio recovery protocol ensures a sophisticated plan & response tactic is deployable, if required to limit any operational impact.

Data Disaster Plan

Increasing web & app use, rapid cloud adoption, and greater numbers of mobile and remote users expose your network to risk. Our refined Project8ball security protocol enables our experienced team to monitor, control, access & protect your systems from threats, whilst keeping your sensitive data secure.