We have a varied range of Marketing solutions that can positively impact your digital campaigns.

Our Marketing techniques enable rich audience pools to be created for our clients varying seasonal demands & needs. Project8ball utilise filtering & audience targeting based on a wide range of criteria including age, location, interests, behaviours. This type of granular campaign targeting also can help reconnect consumers who have engaged with your business in the past.


Consider engaging your users with unique branded AR face filters. Utilising AR face tracking technology & a mixture of leading SDK’s, our Studio develop a range of Face Filter styles & techniques which can accommodate gamification, user try-on demonstrations & digital campaigns.


We understand KPI’s and believe in using big data to formalise Winning Strategies.

App Store Optimisation 

Promote your brand on the Apple & Google Play Stores with a coordinated marketing campaign for your App.

Search Engine Optimisation

Providing informed suggestions on Specific Keywords And Links to target for your business.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Marketing options to generate more revenue from your website.


We combine targeted advertising with personalisation and optimise your Audience Reach Using AI.

Social Media Marketing 

Our full range of Social Media Options has your audience outreach covered.


Providing informed suggestions on Specific Keywords And Links to target for your business.


Our hand picked Influencer activations drive footfall to your marketing campaigns.

Display Ads

We create and deliver Display Ads across the Facebook, Google and Microsoft networks.


Communicate effectively with your existing customers with Email Marketing.

Social Content 

We provide rich Social Content that’s designed to connect to your audiences.

Big Data

Use Big Data to make better marketing decisions.