iOS Apps

We develop iOS Apps, we can ensure your App and content is enjoyed on the World’s leading smart devices & available to download globally via the Apple App Store.


App Specialists

Our Studio have an enviable portfolio of successful App Projects. We excel in emerging technology & the development arena, we enjoy nothing more than educating businesses on how to best introduce new & pioneering approaches to their digital outlook.


From Gamification to Bid Services, Face Filters to Mixed Reality our development suite has all the components to help make your App a reality. We hope you join us on our journey in developing the next generation of Apps for iOS & Android.

Apple App Store

We can get you set-up and guide you through any requirements to get your App on the Apple App Store. Our App Design process helps takes care of all the various App Store Graphics & Assets that your business will need, our expert team will ensure your App store presence remains on-brand and welcoming to your App users.

Push Notifications

Engage your App audiences with promotional & seasonal Push Notification’s. Our advanced dashboard enables the ability for your teams to control & access Apple iOS isolated push functionality, ensuring freedom to target & promote. Our console also provides campaign-ready options, where specific push notification’s can be scheduled or manually pushed to all segmented groups of audience-types.


User Interface (UI)

Coupled with an effective user journey, an engaging User Interface increases audience involvement, optimises consumer behaviour and creates a strong link between your customers and your App.

User Experience (UX)

Effective User Experiences are at the core of all good Apps. We work with clients to develop solid UX architectures, intuitive taxonomies and logical user journeys.

Design Document

Within our Studio’s App Design process, we storyboard your App Screens and provide rich design documents enabling your team to review your the project before it move into its development stage. This approach allows you to be as little or heavily involved in the design stage of the project.

App Architecture

First our team understand your idea and App concept, we then look at relevant iOS features and suggest an efficient App architecture. With the ability to take a unique approach to iPad & iPhone screen design, our App architecture technique ensures an optimal, enjoyable & engaging end user experience.



A digital project plan is created detailing all the features and functionality within your new App’s design & development stages. One of our friendly studio team will provide an invite to track your projects progress & arrange revision dates & share timelines whilst keeping your team updated throughout the project.

Database Development

Our secure custom web & app Databases are engineered to empower your business with automation & data management. Our focus is on reducing your staff costs whilst increasing efficiencies & output.

Augmented Reality

Project8ball have a rich heritage in developing branded Augmented Reality Apps & engaging, immersive AR experiences for Android, Apple & Web.

Virtual Reality

We specialise in commercial Virtual Reality applications & VR installations. Our development team can publish your immersive VR experiences on Oculus & the Steam Store.

Cloud Apps

Our fully customisable Cloud Based Apps facilitate real-time media updating and don’t require a hard App update to update content.

Offline Apps

Our On Device, Offline App solution ensures your audience can enjoy your content offline without the need of a 4G/WiFi connection.


iOS Maintenance

Our App Maintenance programme keeps your Apple App protected against the latest Operating System updates. Take advantage of new & enhanced Apple features that get released, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 & iOS 14.

iOS Updates

Investing in long-term maintenance saves your App from becoming obsolete. Just like with any other technology, all the external and internal factors tied to your app change over time, App Maintenance helps minimise uninstalls and delivers a better User Experience.

App Security

Trusted by leading businesses, we take online Security very seriously. Our detailed security protocols keep your data safe and your systems fully protected.


Advanced Analytics

Our dedicated Advanced Analytics dashboard supports your online campaigns using real-time data. GPS location services & targeted analysis are some of the state of the art monitoring tools at your disposal.

App Store Optimisation

Promote your brand on the Apple & Google Play stores with a coordinated marketing campaign for your App. We provide App Store Optimisation engineered to get your App found & installed

Big Data

With the power of Big Data so commercially relevant, we analyse your campaign data and establish patterns & trends relating to your audience behaviours.