We integrate game mechanics into Apps & Websites which are engineered to motivate participation, increase engagement, and improve brand loyalty.



Video games have changed dramatically over the past few decades, and the appeal isn’t lost on marketing professionals. Having a variety of “games” motivates and encourages users to engage over longer periods of time and more often. Our Studio embraces cutting-edge solutions that bring to life outstanding projects full of dynamics and interaction.


Within our Studio’s Gamification process, we storyboard your game scenes and provide rich design documents enabling your team to review the project before it moves into its development stage. This approach allows you to be as little or heavily involved in the design stage of the project.

User Interface (UI)

Coupled with an effective user journey, an engaging User Interface increases audience involvement, optimises consumer behaviour and creates a strong link between your customers and any game-based elements.

User Experience (UX)

Effective User Experiences are at the core of all good Gamification deliverables. We work with clients to develop solid UX architectures, intuitive taxonomies and logical user journeys to ensure your game-led mechanics hit the right spot with your chosen audience.


Augmented Reality

Project8ball have a rich heritage in developing branded Augmented Reality Apps & engaging, immersive AR experiences for AndroidApple & Web.

Virtual Reality

We provide commercial Virtual Reality applications & VR installations. Our development team can publish your immersive VR experiences on Oculus & the Steam Store.

Mobile Games

Many companies have generated lots of enthusiasm through leaderboards, social media, and timed events. Our team are focused on developing the next generation of Augmented Reality Apps for iOS & Android. Unleash your gamification concept on-screen using our App Design team, it’s important that whatever elements you include resonate with your business strategy and mission.

Web Games

Modern browser technologies open up new horizons for web-based gamification. If your commercial needs include gamified online elements then our Studio can provide opportunities using WebGL, HTML5 and other advanced libraries and languages. Incorporating aspects of gamification into Website Design can keep visitors entertained, engaged, and delighted with your site and content.

Cross Compatibility

Enjoy endless fun, challenge your friends and compete against other gamer’s thanks to our experience in App-based cross-compatibility game development. Android & Apple players can now compete on the same in-game


The purpose of a leaderboard is to show players where they rank in a gamified system. Those at the top enjoy the notoriety it brings; as for everyone else, the leaderboard shows them where they stand relative to their peers.


Gamification within eLearning is fast emerging as an effective technique to engage learners of many different age groups, old & young. Our studio creates immersive branded learning experiences using gamification for varied training needs like induction and on-boarding, professional skills enhancement, compliance, soft skills enhancement & educational resource.

Game Play

Gamification is a technique which our Studio use to insert game play elements in non-gaming settings, this helps enhance user engagement with a product or service by integrating suitably fun features such as leaderboards and game mechanics into an existing system, designed to appeal to users intrinsic motivations so they increase interactions with your brand.