Whether you’re building your brand from scratch, re-working your logo or updating your website, we’re here to assist you with the right font choice.



Usually one of the first determinations to be made when selecting an optimal brand font for text is the decision on serif or sans. Any choice of font needs to strike a good combination of both legibility and readability, while remaining appropriate for the audience and the message. Also, it’s vital that your font works well in multiple sizes and weights to maintain readability in every size, this is especially important when taking into account Mobile & Tablet UI Design.


The font-choice for your business can have an important impact on the way your brand communicates and is perceived. Our approach will ensure that your production fonts embody the character and spirit of your brand’s message. So, whether you’re building your company assets from scratch, re-working your logo or updating your website, we’re here to assist you with the right font choice.

Brand Identity

Your company’s identity is much more than simply a logo & typeface. A brand’s identity is everything that the business says, how it engages its audience and the style in which it communicates in. Make your products & services stand out from the rest with effective brand identity. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes to define a clear and winning Brand Guidelines.


Our Studio’s creative consultative process combines the input of our client with the creative vision of our Studio. A jigsaw approach harnesses the expertise of our individual digital departments and ensures that a well balanced font consideration approach is maintained throughout each design exercise.


Some fonts are members of ‘superfamilies’ they come along with a selection of different styles and weights that give designers more creative freedom. Most of the time one typeface is all you will need to use in your designs. However, there are certain occasions where you’ll want to use multiple typefaces & weighting options.


Colour speaks volumes about a business. Being an expression of your brands identity, colours influence consumers. As colour attracts new & returning customers, they evoke emotions – feelings of warmth, security, excitement, curiosity or home. Emotions drive decisions and for businesses, that equals profits. When a company repeatedly markets with the same pantone, it strengthens overall brand awareness.



Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services – this means your Logo & Font choice plays a really vital role in being found, seen & remembered.

Brand Guidelines

Branding goes so much deeper than just the visual aspect and in order to maintain that all-important consistency, you need to get clear on what kind of words make them distinctly yours. Keep a consistent tone of voice with catered Brand Guidelines that fit how you best want to communicate to your audience.

Motion Graphics

We blend a range of new-age methods to create powerful, emotive Motion Graphics for your important campaigns. What your brand can’t say via 2D flat graphics, our Studio helps communicate your message using sophisticated animation methods to help your logo & font pop & stand out from the competition.

Graphic Design

From logo creation through to Brand Guidelines, we can kick start your project with Branding & Graphic Design that gets you noticed, for all the right reasons!