Face Filters

We create unique, animated AR Face Filters so your brand can get exposure on all the leading social channels. Snap, Spark or App powered – we’ve got you covered! 



First things first we understand what your brand stands for, who your trying to connect with and what  message you wish your filter to deliver. We are big thinkers and have experience in Digital Strategy, we understand KPI’s and believe in using big data to formalise winning media combinations.



Within our Face Filter design-process, we storyboard your concept and provide rich design documents enabling your team to review any design elements before it move into its final production stage. This approach allows you to be as hands on or off in the design stage of your animated filter scenes.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality adds layers of digital content in the form of videos, animated 3D models & audio directly onto the World around you via smart devices. This is the technology we use to create our impressive, on-brand face filters and experiences.

Markerless AR

Markerless Augmented Reality content requires no real-world print to unlock your media, simply point your front facing camera to your face to deploy your chosen AR face filter experience.


3D Models

We create unique animated filters to use into various digital audiences. Our 3D Modelling Team are experts in AR model formatting, rigging & animating ensuring your 3D experience looks fantastic and works optimally on the Worlds favourite smart devices.


Our Studio have an enviable portfolio of successful App Projects. We excel in emerging technology & the development arena, we enjoy nothing more than educating businesses on how to best introduce AR Face Filters alongside pioneering approaches to their digital media.


Facebook & Instagram

With fun, branded Face Filters we take self-expression to a whole new level. Our Studio create responsive AR experiences that go beyond face masks & filters. We create head-turning experiences by using best-in-class Facebook & Insta’ powered face tracking to produce more accurate interactions and realistic effects. Entertain audiences with the ability to overlay hand, face and body movements, and use touch gestures that let users manipulate and interact with what they see.


Let our team build a branded Face Filter Lens for your Snapchat audience. Augmented Reality is core to the Snapchat experience with on average, over 75% of the Snap community engaging with & exploring AR to communicate, play, and learn every day. Our Studio create sophisticated Social Marketing campaigns that includes Ads, Face Filters Lens & powerful immersive experiences deployed uniquely for Snapchat.


Our versatility across leading development environments
provides our Studio with the latest know-how needed in offering exciting digital Reality experiences. We integrate branded Face Filters & can include Gamification in your App Build.


Our hand picked Influencer activations drive footfall to your marketing campaigns, target your audiences with carefully constructed ad campaigns and present users with sophisticated Face Filter experiences which are designed to increase engagement.



Each Face Filter deliverable comes complete with the option for daily, weekly, monthly analysis & reporting. The ability to plug campaign-infused Big Data via API into our Dashboard is also available on request. We help your brand Track, Monitor & Analyse your Face Filter campaign with our rich reporting techniques.

Advanced Analytics

Our dedicated Analytics Dashboard supports influencer-led social campaigns & face filter activations. Take advantage of real-time data, GPS location services & targeted analysis monitoring tools to keep track of your new-found influencer inspired audience.