Our complete B2B & B2C E-commerce web solutions are engineered to help your business meet the complex needs of business buyers & consumers with a streamlined, innovative shopping experience.

E-commerce features

Shopping Cart & Checkout

We build your online store from the ground up, starting with store design, we then populate your various products and descriptions and install a user friendly & efficient cart & check-out area to fulfil your online payments.

Engagement Tools

Integrate your E-commerce website with Email Marketing options & engage your audience on Social Media platforms to increase footfall. Social Media & direct email are two key pillar’s of commerce outreach.

E-com Support

In the case of any fast-moving commercial opportunities or if your E-commerce website requires immediate changes or critical structural updates, our support team can be contacted and will respond into action promptly.


Once your E-commerce shop is designed & developed, we provide your business with the opportunity to adopt impactful SEO indexing exercises & ambitious PPC activations – enabling your store reach to fulfil its potential.


Merchant Services

Our team can consult & will link up your merchant services account & website for fast and easy payments. Accept all major card providers, simplify customer payments and boost conversion with an E-commerce website.

Paypal, Klarna & 3rd Party Marketplaces

Talk to our team about the various online payments options available for your E-commerce outlet. We can introduce new, novel methods designed to widen the customer field for your services, opening the door to expose your offering into new, evolving 3rd Party marketplaces.


Super-fast Servers

In deploying state of the art SSD servers, Proejct8ball can ensures your websites & online content are delivered super-fast to your audience. Our web hosting packages offer flexibility & scalability, ideal for customers not wanting to compromise performance over cost.

Webpages Built For Speed

When we develop your E-commerce website, efficient web page speed is one of our main focuses, We serve all of our E-commerce via super-fast SSD servers ensuring a premium, leading user experience can be enjoyed by new & returning online users.


Advanced Analytics

Our Studio are with you every step of the way in your E-commerce journey, from planning to launch and beyond – with competitor analysis, dedicated daily, weekly, monthly analytic reporting, and on-call strategic guidance. Our approach to Analytics ensures your E-commerce solution can match your commercial ambitions.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking provides the backbone of E-commerce analytics setup. With an unlimited number of events that can be recorded, our team can fully tailor events to your specific conversion goals, whether you’re aiming for new signups, more frequent returning purchasers, increasing customer spend and more!


Daily Back Ups

Each E-commerce website solution and its files are backed up hourly and daily as part of our Security program ensuring your web data is never lost, and twinned via the backup process.


Our Web Maintenance packages protect your website against evolving security vulnerabilities and ensure your data remains safe online. Each maintenance programme includes real-world human testing, server updates & security implementation.