3D Modelling

Connect with your audience and engage users with our Studios 3D interactive content.



Our Studio produce bespoke 3D media to fit a wide range of customised projects. This starts with 2D concept drawings or imagery used to inspire the model creation.

Game Ready

Low poly game ready 3D models for real-time applications for rich Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences.


All aspects of the model from colours, patterns and shape can be customised when creating 3D models allowing you the creative freedom to express your ideas and communicate your concepts


We prepare and configure your 3D model ready for creating modelling animations



Each animation is described via storyboard scoping drawings and documentation ensuring an accurate depiction


Our Studio have the experience to deliver highly complex animations within challenging deadlines.

Existing Models

We can animate models that have already been created

Game Ready

We have the modelling experience to create game ready animations for models that are optimised for mobile apps, virtual reality & augmented reality