3D Modelling

Connect with your audience and engage users with our Studios 3D interactive content.

Augmented & Virtual Reality platforms offer a range of cutting-edge interactive presentation options for your 3D content.

The Project8ball 3D product suite enables your concepts, ideas & experiences to be visualised pixel perfect on the worlds latest devices. Irrespective of your projects stage of completion, our Studios technical know-how coupled with the latest modelling techniques ensures a highly polished 3D deliverable. Our team seamlessly integrate your models into Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & CGI rendered scenes.


Our Studio produce bespoke media to fit a wide range of consumer briefs, from low poly 3D models for real-time applications to production ready high poly 3D models for rich Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences. At Project8ball, we are Creators and Artists dedicated to the beauty of immersive content.


Before a 3D model can be handed over to our team of Animators it must be digitally rigged. This process can range from a simple to a technically complex modelling exercise. A basic animation rig can be built in a few hours, while a fully articulated rig for a feature AR experience will require additional Studio resources.


Animated 3D models have played an important role in the evolution of Augmented & Virtual Reality already. Limitless in scope, 3D model animation allows your experience to take on a whole new dimension. Our Studio have the experience to deliver highly complex animations within challenging deadlines.