360VR CMS & Responsive Website

For this project, our Studio were approached to develop a highly sophisticated tour-building console & fully responsive website complete with user dashboard that gives Vuabl members the ability to take, upload & process 360 web & VR ready property tours.


Vuabl create interactive, immersive 360 web & VR experiences for their clients and their wider audiences. With a presence in the UK, the USA and Hong Kong, their expanding influence in the property tour scene continues to disrupt & influence a growing sector.


The Vuabl website & console development tasks were initially informed during a scoping project with the client. This included the provision of process flow charts to help map out the various user experiences. Our Studio designed & developed the website & console within and to the spec of formalised Vuabl brand design guidelines.

Our Studio developed & delivered the Vuabl 360 VR web serving platform which seamlessly serves the 360 tour media including a 360 backup system ensuring the safety and security of the console and its media.


Within the Automated Console, we equipped the Vuabl team with an admin control area which includes features such as a unique create a member area, An area to assign member specific packages and a facility for Vuabl to add tour tokens and manage client slots.


An advanced 360 hub was engineered to deliver the creation & configuration of all aspects of a Vuabl 360 tour, including preview for quality assurance purposes and then automatic publishing to a dedicated, web server platform managed by Project8ball.


A responsive public-facing front end web platform for users to search and view 360 tours along with pages to promote the business. A 360 Admin area allowing the Vuabl team to create and configure all aspects of a tour, preview for quality assurance purposes and then automatic publishing to the web server platform. This included a dynamic front end web platform for users to be able to easily search and view 360 tours online.