Vanilla Square
Responsive Website

For this project, we were tasked with developing a fully responsive website that gives users the ability to search properties and browse Vanilla Square on multiple screen sizes and devices.

The build and concept was informed by a scoping project, completed by our Studio. This included performance recommendations to optimise the site for launch.

We built the website with the Vanilla Square brand in mind. The introduction of interactive features and lovely aesthetics result in a combination of classic and modern styles, the UX conveys all the relevant information slick and efficiently.

During the build, user testing was conducted to confirm information on the site was discoverable, clear, and that calls to action were as efficient as possible to improve conversion rates further.

Post launch, we continue to work with Vanilla Square to further optimise the site to provide the best possible end user experience.

We delivered a fully responsive website that’s accessible across all browsers, even dating back to older versions of IE. With the new site, visitors will have the same experience – regardless of electronic device – visit Vanilla Square online today.