Non Fungible Turkeys

Non Fungible Turkeys are an original NFT collection of 8,888 unique and unrepeatable Turkeys living on the Ethereum blockchain.


To increase appeal and add extra customisation to the utility, some NFTurkeys are rarer than others – if you are fortunate enough to mint one!

Featuring a variety of exceptional hand-drawn illustrations and utilising an impressive generative algorithm, each of our radiant 8,888 Non Fungible Turkeys come equipped with a truly enviable mashup of digital layers.


Inspired by Big Crypto, the Blockchain & the Tech Bro community, our not-so-subtle artwork features an assortment of character combinations that will leave you spoilt for choice.

As the generative algorithm has blended each variable & rarity setting, the results are truly AI based: a unique mixture of colour, culture, and unrivalled Non Fungible Turkey beauty.


After months of hard work and collaboration across continents, our pool of talented visual artists are finally satisfied that our army of Non Fungible Turkeys meets the high-quality standards our community deserves and we hope you enjoying owning & collecting them as much as our Studio has had making them.


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