McQueen Gin

iOS & Android App 

Project Brief

Create & Deliver a Premium App that wows its audience and puts the McQueen Bottle at the centre of their bond with the consumer.


Communicate the brand stories and immerse drinkers whilst displaying how adventurous a brand McQueen are using Augmented Reality.

App Icon, UI & Design Stage

Using the current brand and logo guidelines and our time exploring the McQueen campus for inspiration, we took the team at McQueen through the creative design process. Through sharing graphic representations of the App UI & Creative concepts as well as our Studio’s reasoning behind each decision, we guided them through integrating an intuitive user journey into a design that gives off the characteristics of McQueen.

Within the creation of the McQueen App UI task, Our Studio used a mixture of what we perceived to be a combination of vivid colours to represent ‘would be/potential’ real world suiters to the bold aspects of the brand and its expansive flavours. During this App UI exercise, we kept to a colourful blend & assortment of pantone whilst ensuring the App Screen designs aligned to that of on-trend, modern design.

This App Icon has been considered to stand against the sands of time whilst the McQueen Brand continues to evolve new, unique flavours & labels are released to the market. Project8ball feel this App Icon should help users easily identify the App as ‘ McQueen’ whilst enhancing & encouraging the download in order to experience the interactive content, yet still be highly functional for use into and across all potential, future label Call To Actions & Marketing Activity.

Storyboarding & Creative 

After being given the client brief we turned our attention to potential creative ideas that would suit the style of McQueen and achieve the goals of the objective. A document of potential creative ideas was given to the client for them to select the most ideal creative concept.


Once our Studio team had honed in on the winning creative concept we then looked to build 6 narratives that could tell the story of our maverick world of McQueen. Using a different characteristic of McQueen for the foundation of each of the 6 labels, this narrative allowed us to richly portray the spirit of McQueen and what the brand represents to its drinkers.


For the 6 AR experiences, our team then drew bespoke action storyboards that laid out the narrative and highlighted any assets & scene animations that would be required. These were all drawn freehand and would also determine & help represent the style of the 3D assets that would then go into production.

Explore & Collect all 6 AR Experiences 

3D Modelling, Rigging & Animation  

Using our pre agreed creative storyboards as a guide we then moved into creating the 3D assets required for each of the 6 McQueen Gin labels. Six extensive animated 60 second AR experiences were then modelled, rigged & animated from background to foreground. Calibrations between the modelling department & the developers ensured each bespoke scene was modelled using strict guidelines for poly limits into AR and file size for mobile output into App Stores. Each scene included independent rigging, modelling & animation set within a 60 second AR narrative, delivered using an advanced AR-occlusion technique to bring each label to life.

VFX & Lighting 

After the 3D assets were created and animated, our Studio finished each AR scene with the inclusion of bespoke cinematic lighting techniques and sophisticated VFX, helping ensure a highly premium deliverable, complete with post production.

Sound Production, SFX & Voiceovers

Each of the 6 McQueen AR Experiences had animation-choregraphed background audio, professional spoken copy & independent SFX created to further immerse the audience during their interaction with each label. In combining multiple relevant audio assets together and carefully scribing & producing spoken copy from several voiceover artists, our team combined rich SFX & unique background audio to communicate the mood & setting of each AR scene to the user.

iOS & Android App Development

The P8B team strategically mapped out the digital infrastructure then natively developed the McQueen iOS & Android App.


As well as debuting as the World’s coolest labels, featuring 6 animated extraordinary tales from the Maverick world of McQueen and the introduction of a sophisticated Marker based AR technique, anchored onto the branded Gin Labels – The McQueen App also includes:


An Online McQueen Gin Shop, helping you find your nearest McQueen stockist and order Gins directly to your door. Exclusive Discounts on the range of Gin flavours via the McQueen Rewards section. A Cocktail Masterclass, learn how to create truly Maverick cocktails with McQueen world-first flavours. Insight into the McQueen Gin making process including all the latest News & exciting Gin Competitions.


Once the development stage was complete, the McQueen App then entered into an extensive BETA testing phase and was thoroughly Quality Assured across both Apple and Android on a range of historical devices ensuring a smooth user experience for slightly older devices, as well as the latest, before being published to the Apple & Google Play stores as a solid performing App for public consumption.

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