Web AR

The Electric Heating Company are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of electric heating solutions and chose Project8ball as a partner in developing the first addition to their Virtual Showroom. The Electric Heating Company developed their virtual showroom to offer customers the ability to view the DSR Solaris Heater in an augmented reality scenario which allows them to place a mock-up of their electric heater around the home.


With no App requirement and wide browser compatibility the Web AR Feature can be adapted to suit various marketing and sales initiatives across a broad range of customer circumstances throughout the UK.

During the project’s development phase, the P8B modelling team received 4 variations in size of the  DSR Solaris Heater in order to create a digital representation of each in Web AR. Our Studio worked closely with the Electric Heating Company to create a fantastic looking and optimised digital twin of the Solaris Heater in true scale accuracy & detail. The expertise within Project8ball ensured that the Electric Heating Company had to apply a minimal effort from the initial enquiry to project completion.


While the Electric Heating Company’s showroom was closed due to COVID-19 Restrictions, the virtual showroom has allowed EHC to get a product in front of customers ‘virtually’ without the need of physical interaction.