On-Device Augmented Reality App

The Project8ball Studio were approached by one of Cubic’s Head Architects to equip the military defence contractor with an interactive presentation tool for a key £250 million contract, tendered for in the Middle-East. This project comprised of a highly detailed, richly textured Augmented Reality model to digitally reflect the proposed Cubic build. This iOS 10 ready AR Application included the associated integration of CGI video content and animation, all of a sensitive military nature. The project brief detailed the controlled publication of this branded App & interactive AR model content to selective Cubic military iPad devices. 

The Augmented 3D model of the military training complex was prepared to the highest industry standard, the surrounding buildings and terrain were proportionally simplified to ensure greater detail could be spent on showcasing and detailing the nominated military zones spanning a square kilometre, which had been identified for the purpose of the bid presentation.

As part of the deliverable, Project8ball provided a branded Cubic UI designed to the clients strict corporate brand guidelines. The inclusion of subtle yet persistent interactive environment within the 3D model also helped deliver relevant associated HD video content directly to the bid team, whilst still allowing the end user to explore the 3D campus in Augmented Reality on their iPad devices during the presentation.

“Cubic has worked with Project8ball to develop innovative, interactive presentation mediums to showcase our cutting-edge capabilities. The solutions provided by Project8ball have exceeded our high expectations and enabled Cubic to gain a competitive advantage through being able to communicate our message effectively and by being associated with such a novel and impressive technology. In addition, Project8ball has demonstrated great support, being very responsive to our emerging requirements, and good value.”


Peter Turpie, Managing Director, Cubic Middle-East

Our skilled visualisers balanced the population of sensitive military spaces throughout the design phases whilst also expressing the architectural vision of the projects Head Architect, who in turn worked with our Studio team to establish and deliver the intended projects vision.

The 8ball team worked closely with different Cubic departments, both overseas and in our Glasgow Studio thus ensuring the desired fluidity of communication and interpretation throughout the various phases of the project. Our Studio’s accumulated project management experience was evident throughout this build, enabling a deliverable that arrived on time and within original budget.

Given the nascent nature of Augmented Reality and its deployment, Our Studio’s positioning and capabilities in this field ensures our continued ongoing support and provision of cutting-edge visualisation material for Cubic, in turn helping cement Project8ball as a leading project partner in the fields of visualisation and stakeholders engagement.