Brand Guidelines

Once you have established your brand, our Studio help ensure that it is always presented in a consistent and professional way across various platforms, we achieve this by creating detail-rich Brand Guidelines.



The identity of your brand generates the overall personality of your business and how customers view your company. In order to create a lasting, effective and cohesive brand, you need to have a clear focus for how you want your audience to perceive you. Understanding your brand and how your audience views it plays a key part in all truly successful Brand Guidelines.


Our Studio’s creative consultative process combines the input of our client with the creative vision of our Studio. A jigsaw approach combines the expertise of our individual digital departments and ensures that a well balanced design and development approach is maintained throughout each Brand Guideline process.

Tone Of  Voice

Branding goes so much deeper than just the visual aspect and in order to maintain that all-important consistency, you need to get clear on what kind of words make them distinctly yours. Keep a consistent TOV with catered Brand Guidelines that fit how you best want to communicate to your audience.


Within our Brand Guideline conception stage, we storyboard your concept and provide rich design documents enabling your team to review any design elements before it move into its final production stage as a formalised set of Brand Guidelines.



Colour speaks volumes about a business. Being an expression of your brands identity, colours influence consumers. As colour attracts new & returning customers, they evoke emotions, feelings of warmth, security, excitement, curiosity or home. Emotions drive decisions and for businesses, that equals profits. When a company repeatedly markets with the same pantone, it strengthens overall brand awareness.


Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to the company. This helps to identify a product and distinguish it from other products and services, this means your logo plays a really vital role in being found, seen & remembered. Let us create your Logo and strengthen your overall brand awareness.

Graphic Design

From logo creation through to Brand Guidelines, we can kick start your project with BrandingGraphic Design that gets you noticed, for all the right reasons!


We deliver eye-catching, powerful Video Content & Motion Graphics designed to compliment digital projects ranging from high profile brand campaigns to the work of independent professionals.

Motion Graphics

We blend a range of new-age methods to create powerful, emotive Motion Graphics for your important campaigns. What your brand can’t say via 2D flat graphics, our Studio help communicate your message using sophisticated animation methods to help your graphics pop & stand out from the competition.


Together with your business, we explore a detailed fact find which is engineered to allow us to understand your ideal customer enquiry types, optimal Copywriting keyword phrases & relevant variations. You can’t walk the walk…If you can’t talk the talk, digitally.



Our Studio is passionate about insight-driven content & creating engagement for your brand across the World’s leading Social Media Platforms. Our Motion Graphics can be included to boost your Social Content to help you get seen and remembered.


From Fonts through to Video Production, we can kick start your marketing campaign outreach with Face Filters & Social Marketing options to suit your design budget. Strong campaign graphics help generate leads, drive website traffic, and build brand awareness.