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Introducing CEG: The Contactless Food Ordering App with 0% Commission

Scotland is gradually emerging from lockdown and things are slowly, but surely, getting back to normal.



Well, normal-ish.



It’s a “new normal” with new rules and regulations. One where we still have to keep our distance, wear masks and be mindful of the surfaces we touch — but we also get to go to the pub.



As we say around these parts… Bosh!



Yet, for hospitality business owners, this presents a unique COVID-era challenge:


How do you deliver great customer service and keep staff safe while minimizing interaction and disruption?

Simple. You need a contactless food ordering system.


The answer to at least part of the above is in your customer’s hands. Giving them access to your menu via a contactless food ordering solution on their smartphone will streamline your service and keep staff and patrons safe (and distanced).



And the good news is, with CEG it doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming to get started.

What is CEG?



CEG stands for Contactless E-Ordering Gateway.



It’s our cutting-edge contactless food ordering platform. Designed as a web application (software that runs on a web server and is accessed by the user through a web browser), it’s simple to set up and easy to use across a variety of hospitality businesses. Best of all, there’s no additional hardware required.



Cafes, bars, restaurants, food trucks, pop-ups and more will benefit from the zero-contact menu system — while remaining compliant with the UK government’s Track & Trace programme.

1. It helps keep staff and customers safe



Customers can quickly order from their own devices, further minimising the number of physical touchpoints throughout their dining experience.



And by removing queues and reducing wait times, staff can effectively maintain social distancing and adhere to COVID-19 hospitality guidelines.



Remember, visitors to your site aren’t there to marvel at the pretty graphics. They want to find information quickly and easily. If your site is all form and no function, you could be missing out on vital revenue.

2. There’s no app to download or software to install



CEG is a web app, meaning there’s no iOS or Android app for your customers to download.



Instead, it’s accessed using a unique QR code. They simply scan the code using their smartphone and your own personalised CEG-powered menu will open in their browser. And with a user interface based on leading food ordering app behaviours, it’s incredibly easy to browse, tap, and order.

Meanwhile, from a business perspective, there’s no additional software or hardware required either. Simply log in to your CEG website, add your logo, add your menu, update any specials, confirm your prices, and publish. And our system has been designed to include an ultra-simple onboarding process. This means your menu can be online within 24 hours of getting in touch with our friendly team.

3. Enables faster ordering while maintaining standards



CEG streamlines the entire ordering process from start to finish. Customers simply enter their details, select their table number, and place their order — all without interacting with staff.



This also means that you can turn tables around quicker, which could help you leverage the high demand for eating out after four months of lockdown.



And by easily updating the availability of menu and bar items (while seamlessly adding daily specials or a soup-of-the-day, for example), our solution ensures your visitors continue to enjoy the same favourite dishes and drinks as before.

4. Saves money + offers a competitive advantage



An alternative to a no-contact food ordering system is to print menus, have them laminated, and wipe them clean between orders. But this is risky, expensive and time-consuming.



Instead, thanks to the accessibility of smartphones, your customers come equipped and ready to order. And by using CEG, you can eliminate print costs and avoid purchasing additional equipment. This allows you to pass those savings onto your customers in the process, and incentivise them to choose your menu over your competitors.

5. Track & Trace compliant



Track & Trace is crucial to a safe and effective reopening, but the idea of recording and securely handling each individual customer’s data can be overwhelming.



CEG does the heavy lifting here, allowing you to shift corporate liability for data collection to an experienced data management specialist. We save your customers details in the system, where it can be accessed and provided to NHS Track & Trace if requested. If not, it’s permanently deleted after 21-days.

What Is Track & Trace?



As part of the gradual reopening of the hospitality industry following lockdown, businesses are being asked to securely retain the details of their customers to help prevent further outbreaks of COVID-19.


Under the new rules, all UK hospitality venues must keep a guest register, recording the names, phone numbers, date of visit, and arrival and departure times of customers, and retain it for 21 days to help track and trace coronavirus infections.


Our expertise in data handling & management ensures your business remains compliant with this legislation — and allows you to play a key role in the UK-wide effort to establish and support the Track & Trace program.

How much does CEG cost?



Unlike some competing table ordering systems, CEG works alongside (and not in place of) your current merchant account terminal. This helps you avoid any extra per-transaction charges.



Instead, you simply pay a highly-competitive one-off setup fee and a low fixed monthly subscription. We take 0% commission from e-ordering.



Learn more about our pricing.

Choose CEG + start offering zero-contact ordering within 24 hours



We developed our agile 21-day Track & Trace CEG solution to help hospitality business owners react quickly to changing guidelines and reopen safely — while still observing strict social distancing rules and government legislation.



It’s a challenging time in history, but it’s also an opportunity to re-establish your business and reassure your customers that their health and well-being is your main concern. And with contactless ordering, you can make post-lockdown life that little bit easier.



Sign up today and you’ll have a seamless table ordering solution up-and-running inside 24 hours.



With it, you’ll get your own branded venue page, a personalised admin dashboard, and complete Track & Trace compliance.

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