Big Data

With the power of Big Data so commercially relevant, we analyse your campaign data and establish patterns & trends relating to your audience behaviours.


Advanced Analytics

Our dedicated Advanced Analytics dashboard supports your online campaigns using real-time data. GPS location services & targeted analysis are some of the state of the art monitoring tools at your disposal.


Our dashboard allows your full team to Securely access unlimited logging and reporting of your campaign data. That’s right – no quotas, simply include our Advanced Analytics option with any 8ball App or Website to enable sophisticated, metric-heavy insights into your business’s audience.


App Data

User insights from acquisition to App usage: Analytics surfaces data about user-behaviour in your iOS and Android Apps, enabling you to make better decisions about your brand and marketing optimisation.

Web Data

Define custom web audiences based on device & browser data, explore user behaviour analysis and then use this segmentation to increase engagement. Our console can also determine what OS, Browsers & Devices that the end user is viewing via.

Data Visualisation

Our big-data ready solution ensure your key campaign metrics & user can be visualised, displayed and digested for each data-rich audience you wish to analyse.

Ad Console Data

Our data analytics allow you to explore, track & monitor KPI’s, data metrics and real-time audiences. Talk to us about arranging an Advanced Analytics demo.



Measure engagement, geo-location & user demographic. Understand user behaviour like never before with live usage data & reporting techniques designed to allow enhanced, easy-to-follow visual interpretations & graphs of your big data.


For custom analysis, you can export raw data to Big-Query. But it’s not just about seeing what your users are doing. It’s also about discovering who your users are so in addition to demographic information, you can also discover how your different groups of users behave by setting custom user properties.