Project8ball develop branded augmented reality apps & experiences for android, apple & web

Augmented Reality adds layers of digital content in the form of videos, 3D models & audio directly onto the world around you via smart devices.

Our branded Augmented Reality App’s are designed to hold varying amounts of content, our Studio can advise on the best AR platform & AR content to adopt depending on your campaign requirements. Talk to the leaders in creating powerful immersive digital experiences , designed to communicate to audiences of all levels of understanding.

Every great AR App needs immersive AR experiences, first we build your App with your chosen UI screens then we add your content. AR experiences will differ from project to project, alongside our cutting-edge video production & 3D modelling, our Studio also accept 3rd party content ensuring your campaign can be tailored to suit.

Markerless AR

Apple Demo
Android Demo

Markerless Augmented Reality content requires no real-world print to unlock your media, simply point your devices camera at an open space or flat plain to deploy your chosen AR experiences. Our Studio develop a range of different Markerless AR solutions including unique branded AR filters for Snapchat & Facebook alongside AR Kit & AR Core powered creations. The ability to visualise rich digital 3D models in true scale & photo realistic detail overlayed onto the real-world presents a range of new & unique AR uses to communicate your brand message.


Mobile Demo

Project8ball have expanded our browser compatibility for Augmented Reality on the web with support currently for Safari, Firefox & Chrome browsers, ensuring your AR content is now even more accessible. With our Studio’s advanced mobile Web AR platform you don’t require a dedicated App to publish your Augmented Reality experiences. Our Studio’s expertise in immersive AR projects coupled with the ability to easily share immersive web media makes our cutting-edge Web AR solution another great commercial option for engaging your audiences.

Marker-based AR

Apple Demo
Android Demo

Marker-based Augmented Reality content requires a tracker image to unlock each digital experience, these tracker images can be engineered to be almost any desired graphic, image or item. Once an image or graphic has been assigned to a 3D model or video and augmented, it then becomes a ‘tracker image’ which then works in accordance with the chosen type of AR experience. Once your chosen 3D model or Video is assigned to its tracker image, this real world image can then be scaled up or down in size to suit the desired end user experience.

AR kit

iOS Apps

Android Apps


A key advantage for business using Augmented Reality for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is widely available. Branded personalisation and the chance to create something unique using your brands individuality, provides a more engaging medium than standard media content.

How could AR benefit my business?

Increase visibility within your marketplace using interactive branded Augmented Reality content.

Turn any form of print into immersive digital experiences for your audience to re-experience again and again.

Visualise projects and engage stakeholders using innovative presentation techniques.

Enrich customer presentations with project specific AR literature and visual demos.

Get in touch with our Studio and we can advise on what type of AR best fits your campaign or project.

Device-based AR

A Device-based AR App ensures that the full control of the AR content and its integration remains within the initial App build and available to the end user offline without the need of an internet connection. Talk to expert team to find out the best AR option for your project.

Cloud-based AR

A Cloud-based AR App ensures the full control of the App content remains within the cloud. This allows new AR content to be added and removed seamlessly without the need for hard App updates. User’s must have a 3G/4G or WIFI internet connection when accessing cloud based AR content.

Take your digital content places that it has never been before. Project8ball design, develop and deliver cutting edge AR Apps and immersive AR experiences for brands and businesses.


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