Augmented Reality

Project8ball develop branded Augmented Reality Apps & rich, immersive AR experiences for Android, Apple & Web.

Marker-less AR

iOS Demo
Android Demo

Augmented Reality adds layers of digital content in the form of videos, animated 3D models & audio directly onto the world around you via smart devices.


Markerless AR is Available on iPhone 6s models and above, all iPad Pros and a selection of the new iPads. Our branded Augmented Reality App’s are designed to hold varying amounts of content, our Studio can advise on the best AR platform & AR content to adopt depending on your campaign requirements.

Face Filters

Engage with your users with unique branded AR face filters. Utilising ultra-sophisticated markerless face tracking technology & a mixture of SDK’s, our Studio develop a range of Face Filter styles & techniques which can accommodate gamification, user try-on demonstrations & digital campaigns. We can supply Face Filter experiences for branded Apps, Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook platforms.


Markerless Augmented Reality content requires no real-world print to unlock your media, simply point your devices camera at an open space or flat plain to deploy your chosen AR experiences.


Most new Android tablets & phones support markerless AR, here is an up-to-date List of current devices. Talk to the leaders in creating powerful immersive digital experiences, designed to communicate to audiences of all levels of understanding.

Vertical or Horizontal

Track both horizontal or vertical flat surfaces using markerless technology. Our AR solutions are fully flexible, which importantly can also be tapered for seasonal content and to align with any commercial promotions.


Marker-based Augmented Reality content requires a trackable image to unlock each digital experience, these trigger images can be engineered to be almost any desired graphic, image or item.


Marker-based Augmented Reality content requires a trackable image to unlock each digital experience, these trigger images can be engineered to be almost any desired graphic, image or item.

Cylindrical Markers

Instead of just using traditional flat, 2D markers we can develop AR experience  that respond to cylindrical shapes and different packaging types, our smart label solution equips your business with the ability to add rich, interactvie experiences directly on top of your existing packaging & products.


Marker based AR is available on all modern iPhones and iPads. Once your chosen 3D model or Video is assigned to its tracker image, this real world image can then be scaled up or down in size to suit the optimal desired end user experience.

Colour AR

Pacify the kids by bringing a colouring-in sheet to life using 3D models and AR, our Colour AR function ensures endless hours of family fun – talk to us about interactive options for your business & venue.


Marker based AR is available on all modern iPhones and iPads. We develop iOS Apps, we can ensure your App and content is enjoyed on the World’s leading smart devices & available to downloaded globally via the Apple App Store.


Marker based AR is available on nearly all modern day Android devices. If you need your project on the Google Play store, our team have you covered. We develop for Android ensuring your App & content can be accessed on the worlds most used mobile OS, Android by Google.


Project8ball have expanded our AR reach with our Web AR suite, designed to support AR experiences accross all major browsers – we can ensure your AR content is now even more accessible than ever! Equip your brand with the very latest installment in immersive AR, no App required – Augmented Reality experiences deployed directly via web browsers.

No App

Our Web AR experiences are hosted online meaning your audience, the user,  simply clicks a web link on their favourite browsers and no longer need to download any app or third party software. AR on the go!


Our full Web AR suite is compatible on the Wolrd’s most popular mobile browsers – Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera & Edge. Our leading solution can be adapted to fit different marketing & geo-activations around the globe.


On Apple Devices – the Project8ball Web AR solution is compatible with iPhone 6S onwards, all iPad Pros and the latest iPads are enabled to enjoy rich Web AR experiences too. On Android – the Project8ball Web AR solution is compatible with Most Android Devices available from ’17 onwards.


Hardware Accessibility

A key advantage for business using Augmented Reality to engage its audiences is the sheer volume & accessibility smart devices, phones & tablets that now circulate.

Cloud Apps

Augmented Reality Apps are designed to hold varying amounts of content. Our Cloud-Based App Solution helps facilitate real-time content refreshing and means your end audience won’t require a hard App update in order to enjoy new App content.

On-Device Apps

Our On-Device App solution ensures your audience can enjoy your content offline without the need of a 4G/WiFi connection.

Immersive Options

From Gamification to Bid ServicesFace Filters to Mixed Reality our development suite has all the components to help make your App a reality. We hope you join us on our journey in developing the next generation of Apps for iOS & Android.

CMS Console

Avoid lengthy App Store updates and cut through review times with our specially engineered App-enabled CMS Console, we provide you a web page & secure log-in to help streamline getting new app content in front of your App audiences.



We get to know your brand, learn your audience demographic enabling us to understand how you intend to use AR to engage users, using this fact-find we then can recommend an optimal type of AR deliverable to match your objective. Our experience in live AR activations & creative 3D animating ensures your campaign’s AR wow-factor remains highly premium, yet relevant to your audience.

AR Experiences

Our Modelling Team are experts in AR model formatting, ensuring your 3D experience looks fantastic and works optimally on the worlds favourite smart devices.


A digital project plan is created detailing all the features and functionality within your new AR App’s design & development stages. One of our friendly Studio team will provide an invite to track your projects progress & arrange revision dates & share timelines whilst keeping your team updated throughout the project.


Our Big Project experience ensures your project remains in safe hands all the way throughout the development process and continues into activation & live campaign phases.

Database Development

Our secure custom Web & App Databases are engineered to empower your business with automation & data management. Our focus is on reducing your staff costs whilst increasing efficiencies & output.


User Experience (UX)

Effective User Experiences are at the core of all good Apps. We work with clients to develop solid UX architectures, intuitive taxonomies and logical user journeys.

Design Document

Within our Studio’s App design process, we storyboard your App Screens and provide rich design documents enabling your team to review the project before it moves into its development stage. This approach allows you to be as little or heavily involved in the design stage of the project.

User Interface (UI)

Coupled with an effective user journey, an engaging User Interface increases audience involvement, optimises consumer behaviour and creates a strong link between your customers and your App.


First our team understand your idea and AR concept, we then look at relevant features & project functionality and suggest an efficient AR architecture. With the ability to take a unique approach to Tablet & Phone screen design, our AR architecturing technique ensures an optimal, enjoyable & engaging end user experience.


Advanced Analytics

Our dedicated Advanced Analytics dashboard supports your online campaigns using real-time data. GPS location services & targeted analysis are some of the state of the art monitoring tools at your disposal.

Push Notifications

Engage your App audiences with promotional & seasonal Push Notification’s. Our advanced dashboard enables the ability for your teams to control & access Android & Apple isolated push functionality, ensuring freedom to target & promote. Our console also provides campaign-ready options, where specific push notification’s can be scheduled or manually pushed to all segmented groups of audience-types.

Big Data

With the power of Big Data so commercially relevant, we analyse your campaign data and establish patterns & trends relating to your audience behaviours.

App Store Optimisation

Promote your brand on the Apple & Google Play stores with a co-ordinated marketing campaign for your App. We provide App Store Optimisation engineered to get your App found & installed.


Android Updates

Our App Maintenance programme keeps your Android App protected against the latest Operating System updates. Take advantage of new & enhanced Android features that get released, Nougat, Oreo, Pie & Android 10.

App Maintenance

Investing in long-term maintenance saves your App from becoming obsolete. Just like with any other technology, all the external and internal factors tied to your app change over time, App Maintenance helps minimise uninstalls and delivers a better User Experience.

iOS Updates

Our App Maintenance programme keeps your Apple App protected against the latest Operating System updates. Take advantage of new & enhanced Apple features that get released, iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 & iOS 14.

App Security

Trusted by leading businesses, we take online Security very seriously. Our detailed security protocols keep your App data safe and your systems fully protected.