Augmented Reality

Project8ball develop branded Augmented Reality Apps & rich, immersive AR experiences for Android, Apple & Web

No Markers

Markerless Augmented Reality content requires no real-world print to unlock your media, simply point your devices camera at an open space or flat plain to deploy your chosen AR experiences.


Markerless AR is available on iPhone 6s models and above, all iPad Pros and a selection of the new iPads


Most new android devices support markerless AR, here is a list

Face Filters

Create an app that has face filters that use markerless face tracking technology

Vertical or Horizontal

Track both horizontal or vertical flat surfaces using markerless technology

Marker-based AR

iOS Demo
Android Demo

Marker-based Augmented Reality content requires a tracker image to unlock each digital experience, these tracker images can be engineered to be almost any desired graphic, image or item


Marker based AR is available on all modern iPhones and iPads


Marker based AR is available on nearly all modern day android devices

Cylindrical Markers

Instead of flat 2D markers we can develop apps that respond to cylindrical shapes like liquid bottles or cans allowing you the ability to add experiences to your products


Project8ball have expanded our browser compatibility for Augmented Reality on the web with support currently for Safari & Chrome browsers, ensuring your AR content is now even more accessible

No App

With our Studio’s advanced mobile Web AR platform you don’t require a dedicated App to publish your Augmented Reality experiences


Share your experience non your website or via email


Web AR is available on iPhone 6s model and above, all iPad Pros and a selection of the new iPads


Most new android devices support web AR, here is a list

AR Face Filters

Social Media

Engage with your users in a new and exciting medium with unique branded AR filters for Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook social media platforms

Android & iOS Apps

Face filters can be included within android and iOS AR apps

Colour AR

Colour Sheet

Pacify the kids by bringing a colouring-in sheet to life using 3D models and AR

3D Colour Model

We can take any 3D model and configure it for Colour AR



Communicate your brand message with rich digital 3D content using augmented reality as a platform to engage and excite through

Cloud Apps

Augmented Reality Apps are designed to hold varying amounts of content, why not combine AR with the cloud to allow dynamic content within an app


The ability to visualise rich digital 3D models in true scale & photo realistic detail overlayed onto the real-world presents a range of new & unique AR uses


Keep your users entertained with fun and exciting AR experiences

Hardware availability

A key advantage for business using Augmented Reality for smartphones and tablets is that the hardware is widely available


Educate your users in a more engaging and immersive way using gamification



We understand your brand and what your are trying to achieve within AR


We establish a full scope of work required to complete your project


Our Studio can advise on the best AR platform & AR content to adopt depending on your campaign requirements


User Experience

User experience is at the heart of our design


Your app is designed by a designer with extensive experience in creating mobile applications

Design Guidlines

We can use existing brand guidelines or help create app guideline documents

Design Documents

All app designs are sent to you for sign off before we develop your app



Every great AR App needs immersive AR experiences, we start by creating concepts for your different experiences

Game AI

Create mini games with game based Artificial Intelligence


3D Models are then produced and rigged ready for animation

Stock Models

We can also help to source stock models and animations that can be used in your experiences


A storyboard is then created detailing the different stages of the experience


Models are then animated and ready to be deployed in your chosen AR platform



Track any type of user behaviour in your app

Private Admin Portal

Access your data from a private admin portal only you access



We can provide support for keeping your app up to date and working on the latest operating softwares


We can help plan for any upgrades you would like to make

Emergency Support Team

We have a team on stand by ready to respond if there is any problems


Any provide web hosting service for any assets that need to go online