Join us in developing the next generation of Apps for iOS & Android, designed to communicate effectively with your audiences on the World’s most popular devices.

Project8ball offer a full-service App design and development solution. We provide the expertise and know-how to deliver branded Android & Apple Apps. From Cloud based Apps to Offline App architectures, Augmented Reality App development, eCommerce and database functionality, to App Store optimisation and App security.


Our Studio also will publish & maintain your App against future iOS & Android operating system updates. Our App deliverables provide an opportunity to reach a truly global audience via the access to Apple App & Google Play stores.

UX Design

We work with clients to develop Solid UX Architectures, intuitive taxonomies and logical user journeys.

iOS Apps

We develop iOS Apps that ensure your content is available on the World’s favourite smart devices.

Android Apps

If you need your Android Project on the Google Play store, our team have you covered.

Augmented Reality

Develop rich 3D AR Experiences for mobile apps.


Our Detailed Security Protocols keep your data safe and your app or database fully protected.

Virtual Reality

We specialise in commercial Virtual Reality installation’s.

Cloud Apps

Our fully customisable Cloud Based Apps facilitate real-time media updating.

Offline Apps

Our On Device App solution ensures your audience can enjoy your content offline without the need of a 4G/WiFi connection.

Bids & Presentation

Utilise our Architectural Visualisation Suite into your tender bidding process.

Advanced Analytics

Our dedicated Analytics Dashboard supports your online campaigns using real-time data.

Big Data

Analyse your campaign data and establish Patterns & Trends relating to your audience behaviours.

App Maintenance

Our App Maintenance Programme keeps your iOS & Android Apps updated against the latest Operating System updates.

UI Design

Coupled with an effective user journey, an engaging User Interface increases audience involvement.


We integrate Game Mechanics into Apps which are engineered to motivate participation, increase engagement, and improve brand loyalty.

App Store Optimisation

Optimise your App for the App Stores.

App Design

Modern, intuitive Design for mobile Apps.