360 VR

We capture worlds in a whole new dimension!

Project8ball create bespoke 360 VR experiences for business and brands, allowing the immersive media to be presented on Mobile, Desktop & Virtual Reality. Fully customisable with the ability to brand your experience, be it real-world landscapes or rich CGI environments, what makes 360 VR different is the magical feeling of presence.

Mobile 360

100% of the spherical range is captured in each 360 VR scene, adding an invaluable way to engage with your customers on their favourite devices. Explore each 360 VR with your devices built-in Gyroscope.

Desktop 360

Give your audience an interactive glimpse of your indoor & outdoor environments via Desktop & Laptop. Navigate each 360 VR scene using your devices mouse, maneuver the different scenes at your own pace.

VR 360

Using Virtual Reality headsets viewers become completely immersed in a way that traditional photography and video simply can’t match. Navigate your chosen scenery by moving your head in the direction you wish to interact.

Control our 360 VR images with a VR headest, your devices built-in gyroscope or a mouse. 
Project8ball develop 360 VR applications for all major mobile and desktop platforms.