Virtual Reality experiences for your brand

Immerse your audience with content developed for Virtual Reality, this technology allows users to explore real & virtual worlds in any direction. Project8ball create bespoke VR experiences for your business and brand, allowing your projects to be presented on mobile and desktop. Fully customisable with the ability to brand your experience, be it CGI environments or 360 live action footage, what makes VR different is the magical feeling of presence.

explore any space, share your ideas or enhance your product presentation

Our developers have spent many restless nights over the last few months creating & fine tuning our first Virtual Reality experience. Apollo 8’Ball VR is now officially open! Spectacularly set on a neighbouring asteroid belt, The Project8Ball VR Showroom is brought to life in this fully immersive exploration experience. Marvel at the various 3D models from every angle or simply spend time gazing out the showrooms windows across the 8ball galaxy. Published on Oculus, available for free and viewed on the Samsung Gear VR. 

Project8ball develop VR software applications for all major mobile and desktop platforms.

We can deliver either lightweight, portable solutions for Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard or create a complex experience using not only the headset, but also motion capture devices, controllers, and even custom made hardware. We constantly expand our portfolio of expertise to stay up to date with the latest technology trends and to deliver innovative solutions.