Immersive & Interactive 3D modelling

 Bring your 3D concepts to life with Project8ball, benefit from our skills in 3D modelling, rendering & animation, engage your audience with flawless 3D models and immersive environments. Our studios in-depth knowledge of architectural rendering, design and 3D visualisation can help secure planning permission, competitions, tenders and contracts while also greatly increasing the marketability of your project.

Connect with your clients and engage stakeholders with our Studios 3D interactive content.

 The Project8ball 3D product suite enables your concepts, ideas & experiences to be visualised pixel perfect on the worlds latest devices. Our Studios 3D services consist of creating, rigging & editing interactive 3D models & environments. Irrespective of your projects stage of completion, our Studios technical know-how coupled with the latest modelling techniques ensures a highly polished 3D deliverable. Our team seamlessly integrate your models into Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality & CGI rendered scenes.

Follow these simple steps and experience a 3d model in AR coming to life.

 Augmented & Virtual Reality platforms offer a range of cutting-edge interactive presentation options for your 3D content.